What is Liberation?

Liberation is not only freedom from terrorists who mean to harm you physically. There is such thing as emotional terrorism and the worst terrorist of all could be yourself.

The means of torture? Memories. The projection of your misfortunes onto your self-worth. These can take a toll on your outlook on everything life comprises – from family and friendships, to your career and even your closet (because once you’ve deemed yourself worthless and ugly, no article of clothing or lipstick can make you feel pretty.) Once you have decided that you are not worthy of love or time or life, nothing can make any activity worth your energy.

Liberation is forgiveness – of the people who mean to hurt you. It is forgiveness of their insensitivity, their ignorance. Liberation is forgiveness of yourself because sometimes, even you know not what you do.

Liberation is forgiveness of yourself for doing the things you regret, whether they seemed like the right thing to do at the time or you felt compelled to do them for less-than-righteous reasons. It means telling yourself that tomorrow is another day to deal with the repercussions of your decisions and the negative emotions associated with them, but also that the day is not to be spent solely on that activity. It means telling convincing yourself that, while it is not okay to have done something regrettable, that action does not define you or the rest of your life.

Once you have been liberated from the thoughts and feelings that have imprisoned you from happiness, then living can truly begin.

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