Love Poem

[The following blog post is dedicated to all the loves that could have been.]

Your eyes blink twice
My heart skips thrice
Breath makes no sound
My mind spins ’round

A flutter, a wink
You blush, I think
I blush, I turn
Your gazes burn

A touch, a kiss
A smile, a wish
Spin me in place
Caress my face

Play with my shirt
Call me to flirt
You fulfill me
So completely

Tides change again
My soul in pain
“I need to go.”
“How long?”
“Don’t know.”

I say, “Can we?”
You say, “We’ll see.”
You say, “But no.”
I say, “Please, no.”

Tears trickle down
I hit the ground
Hope disappears
My sadness sears

You say good-bye
I heave a sigh
Star-crossed lover
Story’s over

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