Buckhorn Grill, SF [updated with video]

If you’re marathon shopping at Westfield Shopping Center in San Francisco, Buckhorn Grill in the basement food court is a good place to stop to refuel.

Little Tri Tip is little.
Little Tri Tip is not that little.

For under $8, the Little Tri-Tip sandwich is a good deal considering its location and simply how substantial it is.

While it’s not anything to make this foodie write home about, my selection from Buckhorn is solidly in the Good category. Four ounces of succulent sliced medium-done beef piled underneath an even bigger pile of sweet sautéed onions were cradled in a crusty French roll, the lower half of which was soaked in beefy goodness. Served with warm au jus (average, at best, but it adds an extra something), this tri-tip sandwich hit the spot.


If you’re dumbfounded by the myriad dining options at the basement level of Westfield Shopping Center on Market Street, Buckhorn Grill is a good place to start. Popular for good reason, affordable, simple, and delicious, it serves up excellent alternatives to the lunchtime sandwich and is worth visiting during every shopping trip!

(I highly recommend pairing the  with a glass of Cabernet. A little fancy-pants for lunch, I know, but so satisfying!)

UPDATE 12/20/2012:

There is now VIDEO!

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