Marnee Thai, SF

Blink and you’ll miss Marnee Thai, tucked away along a row of cute shops on 9th Avenue in the Inner Sunset.

The source of delicious smells

It’s apparently a hot spot, busy with diners and patrons waiting for their take-out orders.

Mmm… Toasty.

However, after the meal I had there, I wonder why.

Say what?

Pad Ma Kuer (sautéed purple eggplant with your choice of pork or chicken) was robust and spicy. Among the three dishes ordered, this was the most delicious. Order yourself some plain white rice to sop up all of that delicious gravy.

Mmm… Eggplant and basil…

If I want great pad thai, I’d be better off with the options in my neighborhood, the Tenderloin (try Lers Ros). Marnee Thai’s version was relatively bland and skimpy on the bean sprouts and crushed peanuts.

Bad Thai (not a typo)

Pan-seared Basa fillet covered with a spicy mushroom and Thai herb curry sauce was perfectly adequate. Light, flaky, tender, and doused in thick, tasty, herby sauce, it was fairly large for two. It’s not my favorite fish (I’d love to put this sauce on black cod), but this is worth ordering if you’re into seafood.

Basa is a pass-a (again, not a typo)


Warm, cozy ambience and the feeling of authenticity couldn’t overshadow the uneven dishes. There are better restaurants in San Francisco at which to get your Thai fix.

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