Mother Hen

I often reflect on growing up – where we were, where we are now, and how we got here.  

You can't imagine how many photos I have of me mid-shout.
Mommy and me in Singapore

I greatly respect my mother for accepting tolerating the decisions I’ve made that would have caused lesser women to convulse.

When I was in Singapore last year and it was just the two of us sitting in the kitchen, I asked her:

“How does it feel to watch your children do things that you don’t like?”

To which she replied:

“You know a mother hen, right? Her chicks always follow her, gather around her feet.

“When a chick strays or gets lost, the mother hen flaps her wings and gets the chick back in line.”

What most of my childhood was like
What most of my childhood was like

And there you have it, folks: parenting in an eggshell.

Happy new year.

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