The British Museum, London

Decapitated people right this way…
One of the highlights of my trip to London last summer was my visit to The British Museum. I’m the kind of person who gets museum-ed out easily and I’m glad I saved room for this one.

Surprise, surprise… Another rainy day.

The interior of The British Museum is a stunning space. Spacious and bright, it’s no wonder so many people stick around to chill out at a table near the café.

Wide stairs are wide

No visit to TBM would be complete without a viewing of the famous Rosetta Stone.

It was pretty incredible to stand next to and peer at such an important relic…

…Can’t say the same for the Asian tourists who posed for photos in front of it with double-peace signs.

The Rosetta Stone!

I couldn’t help but think that, as awesome as this museum is, these exhibits are reminders that the British imperialists were ruthless plunderers of those bygone civilizations.

But one must appreciate that those artifacts are now housed safely and maintained inside TBM and not passed around via Sotheby’s auctions.

Them be lotsa horses.


Another thought that struck me as a little sad was seeing all of these decapitated and mutilated statues. Once upon a time, they were stunning and maybe even inspiring, but today, they are headless, hand-less, nose-less, leg-less, foot-less and wing-less.

It was kind of sad.


Even with their missing parts, they are no less marvelous. See that amazing workmanship? How artisans manage to get that kind of detail and precision from marble, I do not understand.


But enough of the Romans.

Easter Island!
The original keg stand

One of my college chemistry professors loves collecting chess sets, so when I saw these, I thought of him.

Such detail! Such creativity!

Way too funny for a chess game!

Cool chess pieces

Back in the day, this contraption (a time-keeper) was considered cutting-edge.

No longer cutting-edge, it is still beautiful. Somebody somewhere in some time devised this and had no idea that it would be as stunning hundreds of years later.

Time-keeper keeps time

Leaving Western civilization behind…


You warm in there?
Hmm… Cozy.

The crowds of tourists were a little stifling, but this place is worth a visit… a very early-morning one.

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