A* Pour Toi

When doing something nice for your friend, you could take him out for delicious tacos (which is a great idea), but you could also give your giftee a delicious experience (which is an even better idea).


a* pour toi not only provides gift boxes full of yummy goodies, but also a gourmet experience for lovers of delicious things.


The folks at a* pour toi kindly provided Oomea a lovely gourmet gift box for us critics to sample. Some of the goodies that came in the gorgeous box (that I’m currently using it to store my jewelry) were milk chocolate-covered hazelnuts, salted caramels, fruit jellies, the longest marshmallow that I have ever seen (it was half-strawberry half-vanilla, and I ate it like a Snickers).

So many aspects of sweets have been touched on and that’s only half the box!


I thought that the dark chocolate-banana bars were just divine: the chocolate ganache on the inside tasted like real bananas. Inside of the chocolate pops were milk chocolate ganache – not my cup of tea, but my roommate who had one (sharing is caring!) enjoyed it thoroughly.

But my favorite part of the amour* box was the jar of chocolate-hazelnut spread! (Think Nutella, but slightly less sugary.)

Sure, I could’ve spread it on a slice of white bread like my mommy did for me when I was a kid growing up in Singapore. But I’m grown up now, and age has provided me the experience and creativity to use a chocolate-hazelnut spread in more awesome ways… like an updated S’more!

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