A Photoshoot with the Oomea Critics

One of the reasons some of the Oomea Critics got together on a Sunday morning was to have our official photos done!

Palace of Fine Arts

We met at the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts to take advantage of the stunning backdrop.

Blue is definitely my color. 🙂
(Taken by Quan Pham)

And this is what the Oomea Critics page looks like now:


This is my Glamour Shots pose
(Taken by Quan Pham)

Speaking of Glamour Shots, it looks startling similar to the school photo that I’d had taken in the second grade:

I could've used some eyeliner back then.

It turns out that the Oomea gang is made up of some really cool people who are passionate about blogging.

I think that the group is well-rounded enough to provide varied reviews for Oomea. Alex and Liz are vegetarians and passionate about the lifestyle. Certain ones (Nanette, Grace, Jason) practiced some self-control by not gorging on everything in sight (more about that in another blog post).

The Oomea Critics
(Taken by Quan Pham)

Also pictured is Oomea CEO Benoît Spolidor, who is the handsome dude second from the right.

You should definitely check out what everyone has to say about dining about San Francisco on on the Oomea site as well as their personal blogs:

Alexandra Loscher: alexeatsgreen.com
Grace Chen: cityfoodsters.com
Jason Wang: cityfoodsters.com
Liz Sullivan: thesixthletter.wordpress.com
Nanette Wong: http://nantucket.tumblr.com
Nicolas Madrigal-Yankowski: http://toliveanddieinsf.com

Special thanks go to Quan Pham, who generously donated his skills and time to taking our portraits for Oomea!

Check him out at work (with Benoît playing photo assistant):

*click* *click* *click* *click*
*click* *click* *click* *click*
“Somebody make him (Nic) do something!”

Visit the Oomea Critics page to see the rest of the portraits!

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