The Taco Extravaganza [updated]

[update] You may have noticed that I haven’t posted any video reviews or photos of tacos.

I’m sad to report that this week is way too manic for me to fit in twice-daily jaunts to the Mission and other neighborhoods (sure ain’t none in mine) in search of mouth-gasmic tacos.

Next week’s schedule looks clearer, so I’m crossing my fingers that the Universe has that I will partake in a week-long taco orgy.


So… this is something new.

For one whole week – seven days, my friends – I will eat tacos for lunch and dinner, from a different restaurant each time.



Because I’m crazy, that’s why.

I kid, I kid. (But not really.) I’ve issued this Taco Challenge for several reasons:

  1. Why should burritos get all the attention? (A friend told me that tacos are better “drunk food” than while burritos are meals. Um, what?)  
  2. I am partial to corn rather than flour tortillas.
  3. I’m no food snob! Sure, I like restaurants and very nice ones at that, but I am equal-opportunity when it comes to good food.
  4. TACOS. ‘Nuff said.

So what makes a great taco? My criteria are as follows:

  •  Soft corn tortillas. You can tell when the tortilla has been recently thawed out or when it’s old, right? 
  • Flavorful and tender meat. For better comparison, I will order only beef.
  • Overall flavor. In addition to great meat, the accompanying fillings must be fresh and balanced. So no overloading on filler lettuce and no smothering in sour cream.
  • Value. Price versus size will be taken into consideration.

The next question is, where will I get these tacos?! The most laborious part of my planning, I’ve chosen my 14 restaurants based on:

  • Reviews by reputable media outlets
  • Online review sites
  • Friends’ recommendations

To find out where I eat, you’ll just have to follow me on Instagram and YouTube.

THAT’S RIGHT: I will be uploading videos in the style of my review of Aria Korean American Snack Bar on my YouTube channel.

For one epic week, you will receive twice-daily updates on my epic Taco Extravaganza!

When will this happen? Well, unless something serious comes up, March 31 to April 6.

Until then, I will post some thoughts about my prep work for the Taco Extravaganza

Are y’all ready for the epic taco-ness?

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