Delarosa, SF

The Oomea Critics gathered after the photoshoot on Sunday at Delarosa for the opportunity to sample a large part of the restaurant’s menu.


In the charming neighborhood of the Marina, this bright spot is very conducive to parties: The space was filled with long wooden tables and an airy space – thanks to very high ceilings and a happy color scheme.

A wall of booze helps too

It can feel a little like you’re crammed in there like sardines, particularly if everyone is carrying purses and boxes and bags (oh my!)

Long table is long

Once you get settled in, you can relax with one of the many refreshing cocktails on the menu. Several servings of the El Diablo cocktail, pictured below, could’ve had me on the floor: the cute pink concoction is actually a dangerous combination of blanco tequila and lime, ginger, agave and cassis.

El Diablo

Because of the occasion, I limited myself to only one, but next time, I can make no guarantees.

My favorite appetizer was the burrata bruschetta.

Burrata is not only for savory dishes, my friends. Delarosa topped the wonderful cheese with honey and toasted hazelnuts.

Burrata Bruschetta

So very lovely.

A huge hit at the table was the Brussels sprouts. They were perfect: cooked through without being mushy in the middle and crispy on the outside (only a few walked the line between toasty and burnt).

Fried Brussel Sprouts with caper aioli

I could’ve eaten that all day (caper aioli not necessary).

The Meatballs in Spicy Marinara were very nicely done. Made with pork and veal, the massive meatballs (the size of my fists – though I have small hands) were tender and mild (as is typically the case with veal). These would’ve been great on a pile of homemade pasta instead of toasts.

Meatballs in Spicy Marinara

These are only three of the five varieties of pizza that the Oomea Critics were served (the other two were too far down the table and I didn’t want to struggle in the cramped space to get slices of them). My favorite was the fennel sausage, which was not only wonderfully flavorful, but also oh-so-pretty to look at!

From top to bottom: Margherita with burrata, Funghi misti with fontina and thyme, Fennel sausage with scamorza

It’s no secret that I love me some beignets (as well as donuts and any other forms of fried balls of flour).

Bomboloni with three sauces (a vanilla anglaise, chocolate sauce and fig jam)

The chocolate sauce was my preferred accompaniment. It wasn’t overpoweringly sweet and didn’t taste manufactured or complicated.


Fried dough balls are hard to do perfectly, and though Delarosa’s version was slightly dry on the inside, I gotta hand it to Delarosa for making them so so delicious and serving them with really great dipping sauces.

Molten Chocolate Cake with vanilla gelato and whiskey pecan caramel sauce

The chocolate cake was too done to be molten in the middle, but it was still delicious and outrageously rich.

Perfect for three or four people.

Jeebus help me.

Delarosa treated us bloggers to many more dishes, but these are just a few that I especially enjoyed.

What is it like eating with a whole bunch of food bloggers?

Well, a little bit like this:

Photo courtesy of Alex of

We did spend time actually, y’know, talking with each other.

EVER BEEN TO DELAROSA? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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