How to Have the Perfect Weekend

Start with Friday night cocktails at a place you haven’t been.
Delicious food and cocktails at The Commissary! I highly recommend the seafood. If you can, grab a seat at the counter in the back room, where you can watch the kitchen team prepare your food!


Play board games with friends.
This game is called “Settlers of Catan.” It’s a fun game, but took a long time because of the number of players (five).


Crash your friend’s wedding.
(We were invited.)


Eat breakfast in bed.
Bacon, a fried egg, cheese (Provolone?) and maple syrup (this is key!) sandwiched between toasted English muffins. Served with orange-carrot juice. Best prepared by someone else. 😉


Go outside.
San Francisco has had one hell of an Indian summer. For once, it was as hot at Golden Gate Park as everywhere east of it! I never recommend running in the afternoon, but le BF wanted to longboard.


Prepare a meal at home.
Okay, so only the wonderful heirloom tomato-bufala-basil salad was prepared by me. (Important to serve with fleur de sel, freshly cracked black pepper and a drizzle of balsamic!) The whole roasted chicken came from Munchery.

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