My Diet Philosophy

As soon as colleagues know that I’m a runner, I become the go-to person for running and diet advice.

To be sure, I am neither a health expert nor a running expert. I am an expert in MY health, but almost everything I know about health and running I’ve learned on the Internet.

Also, to disappoint my Instagram followers, my regular diet looks nothing like the food porn I often post.

In other words, NOT this:

Steak and potato at Lord Stanley in SF.

No, my average meal is much more boring.

In fact, I eat the same meal five days a week.

My philosophy toward many things (room decor, diet, fashion) generally leans toward utility. Apart from occasional indulgences (vacations, fancy meals, pricey makeup) everything else can be classified as “gets the job done.”

When I tell curious friends why I eat the same thing every day, I reply with any of these reasons:

  1. It’s economical. It’s economical. It’s economical!
  2. It’s fast and easy.
  3. It gives my body everything it needs to do—and me what I need to feel good.
  4. It makes me feel better about indulging later.
  5. Over the course of four years, my diet has been perfected to keep my energy levels up all day and avoid stomach issues.

Here’s an example of my daily meal plan:

  • Breakfast: oatmeal
  • Mid-morning snack: fruit
  • Lunch: salad
  • Mid-afternoon snack 1: fruit
  • Mid-afternoon snack 2: whatever I scavenge at the office
  • Dinner: peas and some kind of protein

THE REASON I POST ALL THIS is, I thought it’d be fun little exercise to post my weekly grocery lists and meal plans. If you are what you eat, then wouldn’t your meals evolve as you do?

Because, after all, there’s always a new goal to reach—a marathon to run, a certain body shape or size to achieve, an activity to partake in (caving? bread-making?), a personality weakness to strengthen—and it follows that what I eat will reflect my feelings at the time.

So follow my blog—sign up for notifications or just follow this blog when signed into your WordPress account—and see how I evolve!


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