Runner’s Diet – Week of 8/7 Groceries

This will be my last grocery store run for two weeks.


My freezer is bursting at the seams with frozen vegetables and veggie meats!

I’m also a sucker for coupons (Ma has trained me well), so it’s frozen waffles and mac and cheese for the weekend. *inner child does a cartwheel*

The loot:

  • Grilled fish, frozen peas and fresh corn for lunch 
  • Walnuts and Ripple pea protein milk for breakfast (with oatmeal)
  • Cantaloupe and apples for snacks
  • Veggie burgers for dinner with frozen veggies 

Fitness update: 

  • Ankle in pain.
  • I’ve been limiting myself to low- to no-impact workouts (water calisthenics at the gym and my garage workout), but a little bit of me dies with every run I miss.

Life update:

  • Work has been ramping up. I hate spending over 13 hours out of my sanctuary; anxiety has been Code Yellow to Orange. 
  • Going home and then not being able to do my home things like cleaning my room and mopping the floors frustrate me. 

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