Runner’s Diet – Week of 8/21 Groceries

Grocery shopping is my therapy–all the more if I actually buy something. So boyyyy was it a treat to restock my fridge!


  • Hella baby spinach
  • Frozen peas (the usual)
  • Organic raspberries
  • Frozen fried chicken (on sale!)
  • Frozen gluten-free waffles (got a coupon!)
  • Ginger tea (the usual + coupon!)
  • Justin’s honey peanut butter (the usual + coupon!)

I’ve been digging combining the Target Cartwheel app with the iBotta app to save money. Granted, iBotta doesn’t actually give me back my money until I’ve saved a total of $20, but hey, it’s all gonna come back into my pocket. 

Fitness update:

  • Still nursing an achy left ankle, and now my right kneecap feels funky. I was diagnosed with an ankle sprain and I’d kept off it for close to three weeks.
  • The Santa Rosa Marathon is happening this weekend and I’m gonna run it. I’ve run a few times recently and I feel okay. 
  • My abs are changing in ways I never thought would actually happen. I’m on the fence about it. 

Life update:

  • Long days at work. I like being busy though. 
  • I’ve been feeling a little down lately and so have lost my energy to go out and do fun stuff. Hopefully, after my next race, I’ll regain my motivation. 

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