Serpentine, San Francisco

Serpentine, San Francisco

Full disclosure: I came to Serpentine for brunch and a small one at that.

Come to Serpentine on a Sunday at 1pm and you’ll be rewarded with a comfortable, intimate setting with a smaller crowd—the better to enjoy the large volume of comforting, classic brunch food.

If you know what’s good for you, order a cocktail. Except the mimosa. A mimosa made with good orange juice and bad champagne is sad.

My friend and I shared a gigantic Plate of Sides ($14). I love that you have your choice of bread, meat and potato.

It’s not my favorite biscuit—the outside was crispy and dry, while the inside was only slightly moist and rich and soft. But it was redeemed by the honey butter. And the sausage was rather one-note, but composed with a truffle fry and it was transcendent. Scrambled eggs are very personal, so I found it two seconds in the pan short of perfection, but it was delicious and perfectly (that is, lightly) seasoned.

THE VERDICT: I can’t judge value since I didn’t have any other dishes, but $14 for lots of food and the choice to have everything exactly the way I want is definitely worth it (for San Francisco). An industrial-rustic-chic atmosphere and a seat at the bar will make your day—especially before or after a pleasant walk up and down 3rd Street or a couple of hours at Dogpatch Boulders.

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