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(You can review my LinkedIn profile, but wouldn’t you rather read this fun page?)

I’m Jenna, a former-chemist-turned-writer with a portfolio ranging from store signage and bus shelter posters to website copy and social media. I also have a strong interest in UX writing and apps.

It's not me without a double peace sign, y'all.
It isn’t me without a double peace sign.

Two qualities drive my career direction:

#1: I am interested in people. I like getting into their heads and figuring out how to connect with them.

Why they buy a magazine.
Why they turn a page.
Why they click a link.
Why they share a post.
Why they don’t.

#2: I like helping people. Need a hand to do something I myself have never done before? Sure – just tell me when and where (and give me time to Google it.) Need to double your site content or triple customer engagement? I will craft the words you need and help you accomplish your goals.

Need help? I’ll help!


Here, I answer the most frequently asked questions from clients, colleagues and interviewers. (Stick around – it’ll be interesting!)

  1. Why did you change jobs?
    Living in a research lab didn’t fulfill my need for creativity and human interaction.
  2. Why writing?
    First, I’ve always enjoyed creative writing. Second, the ability to affect others through writing is unmatched. Writing is an empowering and powerful art form, and I love the challenge as much as the creativity.

Want more? Need help? Drop me a line at writerjennachan@gmail.com!