What is Liberation?

Liberation is not only freedom from terrorists who mean to harm you physically. There is such thing as emotional terrorism and the worst terrorist of all could be yourself. The means of torture? Memories. The projection of your misfortunes onto your self-worth. These can take a toll on your outlook on everything life comprises –… Continue reading What is Liberation?

The Two-Week Challenge

The other day, I took a detour to the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and I’m so glad I did. In addition to a really bizarre but fantastic Nathalie Djurberg exhibition (featuring papier-mâché birds and short films that are the stuff of nightmares), I came upon a very interesting art installation exhibition exposition whatever. One of… Continue reading The Two-Week Challenge

To Deserve or Not Deserve – that is not the question.

I have decided that I will not longer say someone “deserves”  or “doesn’t deserve” anything. It’s like there is a Higher Being out there, doling out “rewards” or “punishments” and who occasionally mistakenly bestows some thing or act or fortune. And what would this world be if the Higher Being many believe in were imperfect?… Continue reading To Deserve or Not Deserve – that is not the question.