Death Valley, CA

A few days in the middle of Death Valley will change most of your preconceived notions about deserts.

I say “most” instead of “all” because, yes, it is still an arid place.

Daytime beauty
Daytime beauty

But I noticed a surprising amount of life: grass, bushes, ferns, and the occasional bird stood against the brown landscape like gaps of blue sky peeking from the clouds.

And speaking of clouds…

Evening grandeur
Evening grandeur

Absolutely stunning.

I feel a remarkable peace when I see a weed emerging from a crack in the dry, hard ground – life emerging from death.

I love that Death Valley offers numerous metaphors for life.

What is most beautiful in this world is not immediately apparent. To find something beautiful, you must look down at the ground and beyond the thorny brush. There is so much more than meets the eye out here or anywhere.

Dusk in the desert

Do you believe that small consistent actions can cause great change, just as the wind has shaped the landscape and the colossal desert formations over the course of millennia?

Something in the middle of nothing
Something in the middle of nothing

If Man can eke out a life in the middle of Death (Valley), then surely a little budding writer can achieve her dream in the big city?

Here’s to hoping in 2013.

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